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I found the plugin offered functionality exceeding that found in comparable and more expensive themes and plugins. From pre-sale questions to configuring the Pro version the author provided effective and highly responsive support, while the online documentation addressed many of the steps needed to install and configure the site.

Real Estate Manager is a very flexible plugin with multiple options to customise it. There is very detailed support documentation for all areas of the features. Their customer support is excellent, I had an issue with the map not working correctly and they resolved it within 24 hours.

There are mani paid WordPress Themes which have the same functionality, design quality, support and flexibility, but this particular plugin gives you the option to choose from all the other existing themes and to implement the plugin regarding your personal needs and customisation. The support and personal customisation are always one email away from your fast decision solving issues. I definitely recommend the purchase of the plugin.

If I had the chance to give this developer a 6-star rating, I would. The application Real Estate manager Pro is a very well-thought piece of software with a series of add-ons -most of them free- to accommodate and complete it. You can practically organise your entire Real Estate business in the front and the back-end, from leads & clients to agents.
What I wanted though to underline here is the kindness, willingness and knowledge of this developer which literally it feels like having an IT specialist in your business.
Well done WebCodingPlace you give Codecanyon its meaning!

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