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Google Map Filters

Google Map Filters enable you to display maps, search forms, and listings all on the same page. When searching the data is updated in all places. Map clustering and radius search make the search more powerful. Moreover, when you will zoom into the map the listings will get updated as per the map view, and clicking on the map marker will bring that listing to the top of the list.

Pre Made Styles

This addon comes with built-in 5 styles. The following are the shortcodes you can use with the preview.

[rem_map_filters style="1"]

[rem_map_filters style="2"]

[rem_map_filters style="3"]

[rem_map_filters style="4"]

[rem_map_filters style="5"]

The above shortcode also supports all the attributes of these two shortcodes.

  • [rem_map_search_form]
  • [rem_map_area]

Create your own style or combination

Search Form

The default shortcode for rendering a search form is


It displays a search form with the following fields, 2 on each line.

  • Keywords
  • Property Type
  • Purpose
  • Address
  • Country
  • Price Range

You can use the following attributes for this shortcode.

Attribute Default Value Description
fields_to_show property_address,search,property_type,


Provide comma-separated field names to display on the search form
columns 6 Width of each field from 12 columns grid. 4 for three fields in a row, 12 for one field in a row.
search_btn_text Search Text to display on search button
fixed_fields Provide fixed fields same as meta tag to search within specific criteria.
disable_eq_height Set it to yes if you want to make all fields equal in height.
agent_id Provide agent id here to display only that agent’s properties
fields_margin 0 0 10px 0 Fields margin, top, right, bottom left respectively.
icons_by_meta Please read details here
icons_data Please read details here
slider_bg_color Price slider background color, provide color name or hex
slider_handle_color Price slider handles color, provide color name or hex
slider_badge_bg_color Price slider badge background color, provide color name or hex
slider_badge_text_color Price slider badge text color, provide color name or hex

Display Map Area

The following shortcode will render a map, that will update the listings on searching through the above form.


Please note that map will automatically zoom in/out to cover all the available results. You can use the following attributes for this shortcode

Attribute Default Value Description
address Location address for the map when it loads for the first time.
lat Latitude if you don’t want to use address attribute.
long Longitude if you don’t want to use address attribute.
zoom 5 Map zoom level.
map_styles Options set here Google Map styles object.
map_height 500px Provide map height here.

Display Listings or Results

You can display the results or listings using the following shortcode


The following 2 attributes are available for this shortcode

  • title -> Title will display above the results.
  • title_wrap -> Use it to provide a custom wrap for the title. Default is <h2>%title%</h2>


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