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Filterable Properties Grid

FIlterable Properties Grid lets you showcase your properties in an animated and sortable layout.

Just install and activate this addon and use the following shortcode to use it.


It will display your properties something like this

All Available Attributes

The following attributes are available for the shortcode [rem_filterable_grid]

Attribute Default Value Description
filter_by property_type Here you can provide the field name, and the available values of that field will become the top buttons
price_filter disable Enable or Disable price filtering here. You can use enable or disable
display_all yes Do you want to display the All button? Provide yes or no
display_all_label ALL Provide the label here for All button
order ASC ASC or DESC
orderby date How do you want to order properties
columns 3 Provide a number of columns for each row here
style 3 Property listing style
total -1 The number of total properties to display
cats Comma-separated category names
tags Comma-separated tag names
meta Please read using the meta attribute
active Provide the key here for the default active
price_range_class col-md-3 Columns class for price range wrapper
buttons_wrap_class col-md-9 Columns class for filter buttons wrapper
animation fade translateZ(-100px) Animation for property boxes
duration 700 Animation duration in milliseconds for property boxes
min_price The minimum price for the slider that can be selected
min_price_a Minimum active price for the slider
max_price The maximum price for the slider that can be selected
max_price_a Maximum active price for the slider
btn_bg_color The background color of the filtering buttons
btn_text_color Text color for the filtering buttons
btn_bg_active_color Background color for the filtering buttons for the active state
btn_text_active_color Text color for the filtering buttons for the active state
slider_bg_color Price slider background color
slider_handle_color The price slider handles color
slider_badge_bg_color Price slider background color for the badge
slider_badge_text_color Price slider text color for the badge

Below are some examples for the quick start

Centering the top buttons

[rem_filterable_grid buttons_wrap_class="col-sm-12"]

Enable the Price Range Slider

[rem_filterable_grid price_range_class="col-sm-12" buttons_wrap_class="col-sm-12" price_filter="enable"]

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