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Slider Carousel

Default Shortcode

The following Shortcode displays 10 properties ordered by date in ascending order. It uses Style 1 and displays 1 property at a time.


Manage Columns

You can use slidestoshow attribute to manage slider columns. Use style attribute to change property styles.

[rem_carousel slidestoshow="3" style="3"]

Order and Orderby Attributes

Following Shortcode displays 9 recent properties with Style 2, and 3 slides at a time.

[rem_carousel total_properties="9" order="DESC" orderby="date" style="2" slidestoshow="3"]

You can use the following values for order attribute

  • DESC – Descending order of orderby attribute
  • ASC – Ascending order of orderby attribute

You can use the following values for orderby attribute

  • date – Sort by Property published date
  • ID – Sort by Property ID
  • author – Sort by Property Agent
  • title – Sort by Property Title
  • modified – Sort by Property Modify Date
  • rand – Random order

Sliding Speed and Slides to Scroll

You can use custom sliding speed using attribute speed and setting its value to a number (milliseconds). The following shortcode will take 1 second to slide

[rem_carousel total_properties="9" slidestoshow="3" style="3" speed="1000"]

You can also configure how many properties to scroll at a time using slidestoscroll. The following shortcode will slide 3 properties when sliding.

[rem_carousel total_properties="9" slidestoshow="3" style="3" slidestoscroll="3"]

Auto Play and Auto Play Speed

Set attribute autoplay to enable and the slider will play automatically. Configure auto play gap time using autoplayspeed attribute. Using the following shortcode, the slider will auto slide property after every 3 seconds

[rem_carousel autoplay="enable" autoplayspeed="3000"]

speed and autoplayspeed must have a number value and it will be used as MilliSeconds. (1 Second = 1000 MilliSeconds)

Sliding Arrows and Slide Indicator Dots

Arrows and bottom dots can be enabled setting arrows and dots attributes to enable respectively.

[rem_carousel arrows="enable" dots="enable"]

Display ID Specific Properties

If you want to display some specific properties using their IDs, you can use attribute ids and set its value to comma-separated property ids.

[rem_carousel slidestoshow="2" style="3" ids="124,456,789"]

Display Properties of Specific Agent

If you want to display properties of a specific agent use attribute author and set its value to an agent’s ID.

[rem_carousel slidestoshow="2" style="3" author="1"]

Tag Specific Properties

You can use tags attribute to display properties that are tagged with a specific tag. The following shortcode will display all properties that are tagged with wood.

[rem_carousel slidestoshow="2" style="3" tags="wood"]

You can also use multiple tag names separated by commas. Example: tags=”wood,carpet”

Manage Total Properties

Use attribute total_properties to control the total number of properties.

[rem_carousel slidestoshow="2" style="3" total_properties="6"]

Prefer Near Properties (Enables Location Tracking)

You can prefer those properties to display first which are near to the visitor’s current location. Use attribute nearest_porperties and set its value to enable.

[rem_carousel slidestoshow="2" style="3" nearest_porperties="enable"]

It enables geolocation tracking and thus asks the visitor to allow his location tracking. Your site must be SSL enabled for better results.

Display “For Sale” Properties

You can use meta attribute to filter properties based on any default field or custom field created by the custom fields menu. Suppose you want to display only those properties which have Purpose set to Sell.

[rem_carousel slidestoshow="2" style="3" meta="property_purpose|Sell"]

Please note that the meta attribute accepts field name and value separated by a pipe “|” sign. Value and field names both are case sensitive.

Display Rented Properties

As mentioned above, you can simply use the meta attribute, setting its value to property_purpose|Rent.

[rem_carousel slidestoshow="2" style="3" meta="property_purpose|Rent"]

Type Specific Properties

You can display a list of properties based on property type using the property_type field name in meta attribute. The following shortcode will display all Houses

[rem_carousel slidestoshow="2" style="3" meta="property_type|House"]

Similarly, the following shortcode will display all Offices.

[rem_carousel slidestoshow="2" style="3" meta="property_type|Office"]

and the following will display all Retails.

[rem_carousel slidestoshow="2" style="3" meta="property_type|Retail"]

Filter by Multiple Meta

You can also use multiple fields in meta attributes. Each field-value group separated by commas. In the following example, it will display all those properties having the country set to Australia and the city set to Sydney.

[rem_carousel slidestoshow="2" style="3" meta="property_city|sydney,property_country|australia"]

Again, all field names and values in meta attribute are case sensitive.

All Available Attributes

Attribute Default Value Description
style 1 Style for property box
slidestoshow 1 How many property boxes in a single row
slidestoscroll 1 How many property boxes to slide at a time
speed 2000 Slide change speed in milliseconds
autoplay disable Either to enable or disable auto sliding
autoplayspeed 2000 AutoPlay interval in milliseconds if autoplay is enabled
arrows disable Either to enable or disable sliding arrows
arrows_style 1 Choose from 1 to 2
dots disable Either to enable or disable navigation dots
nearest_properties disable Enable or Disable Geolocation
order ASC Order of properties displayed
orderby date Sort properties by date, ID, title, price or rand for random
total_properties 10 Number of properties to display
purpose Display properties of specific purpose
status Display properties of specific status
author Display properties of a specific agent by providing ID
type Display properties of a specific type
tags Comma separated tags to display tag specific properties
meta Please read using meta attribute
orderby_custom A custom field name for ordering
not_available enable Whether to display not available properties or not
features Comma-separated list of features to display feature specific listings
ids Comma-separated list of property ids to display only those
exclude Comma-separated list of property ids to exclude those
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