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Single Property Page

All settings related to the Property Details page can be defined here. To access these settings, navigate to Real Estate Manager -> Settings -> Single Property Page

Property Page Template

Choose the single property display layout here.


Here you can enable or disable Map for single property pages.



Sections Display

Here you can change the display of field sections on the single property page.

Property Page Agent Contact

Enable or disable the default agent card and contact form on the single property page

Sticky Agent Contact

Enable it to make the agent contact sticky on single property pages

Property Page Sidebar

It defines which sidebar from your theme, you want to use for the Property Details page. After setting it, you can insert widgets in this sidebar from Appearance -> Widgets.

Gallery Type

Choose the gallery images design on the single property page. You can choose from

  1. Slider with Thumbnails
  2. Simple Slider
  3. Grid with Popup

Here you can set the slider width by providing appropriate value along with units. Some examples are

  • 100%
  • 500px

Provide height for gallery slider here with units. Examples

  • 100%
  • 500px

Here you can define the image fit behavior for the slider regarding other images. Please see details here.

Do you want to display the featured image in the gallery slider or not? set this setting here.

Gallery Images Size

Here you can define the image size you want to use for the gallery. Default WordPress sizes are

  • thumbnail
  • medium
  • medium_large
  • large
  • default (Full)
  • and all other sizes registered by your theme

Display Property ID

By default, Real Estate Manager displays the Property ID on the property details page. Which is actually the post_id in the database. You can hide it from the front end here.

Gallery Images Limit

Provide the maximum number of gallery images a property can have.

Load Video As

How do you want to display the video player? Please select iframe for cookieless URLs

Date Field Format

A date field is available in the Property Fields Builder and you can use it, this setting defines the format to display on the front. It’s the date string format the PHP uses, see the doc here. Some values that you can use, to make this easy for you are below (assuming the selected date is 10 March 2001)

  • F j, Y => March 10, 2001
  • m.d.y => 03.10.01
  • j, n, Y => 10, 3, 2001
  • Ymd => 20010310
  • Y-m-d => 2001-03-10
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