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Multiple properties or listings when displayed in grid or slider, they appear as boxes. You can change their appearance and other settings related to them by going to Real Estate Manager -> Settings -> Listings.

Property Archive Listing Style

By default, the archive page for all properties is used as You can change this slug by going to Settings -> Permalinks. This page displays all property listings on your site in a grid using style 3. You can change this style from setting Property Archive Listing Style. There are 7 styles available by default. You can extend them by purchasing our addon Property Listing Styles.

Archive Listing Columns

As stated above, the archive page displays listings in a grid, you can customize this grid columns here.

Inline Property Bar Fields

Style 1 of properties, display some information on its top bar. You can customize which fields to display there. Just provide field names here (each per line).

Listing Features Type

All property listing styles display information including Area, Bedrooms, Bathrooms fields, with icons by default. You can customize their appearance here.


Custom Listing Features

The icons that property boxes display by default (Area, Bedrooms, Bathrooms) can be customized here. You just have to provide Label, field name (or data name) and icon class each per line. You can use icons from Font Awesome 5 Library, or from your theme.

By default, Real Estate Manager uses images with a large size to avoid blurring of images. But you can also use your theme’s registered sizes here to improve efficiency and speed.

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