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Overriding Shortcode Templates

You can easily override the shortcode templates loading them from your theme/child-theme.

For this purpose create a directory in your theme/child-theme with the name rem and inside it create another directory with the name shortcodes, you can now paste the shortcode template inside it and it will be used to render that shortcode.


Suppose you made some changes in the login form which renders using the shortcode [rem_agent_login] and the shortcode file associated with it is the shortcodes/login.php.

Now you don’t want to lose the changes made in the file login.php when the plugin updates, so you will have to copy this login.php file and put it under the themes/child-theme/rem/shortcodes/ and now this file will load from here and you are safe to update the plugin in the future.

Shortcodes and their files


Shortcodes Template Files
[rem_register_agent] shortcodes/register-agent.php
[rem_search_property] shortcodes/search-forms/style1.php
[rem_search_property_inline] shortcodes/search-property-inline.php
[rem_simple_search] shortcodes/simple-search.php
[rem_agent_login] shortcodes/login.php
[rem_create_property] shortcodes/create-property.php
[rem_edit_property] shortcodes/edit-property.php
[rem_my_properties] shortcodes/my-properties.php
[rem_manage_properties] shortcodes/manage-properties.php
[rem_list_properties] shortcodes/list/list.php,shortcodes/list/nearby.php
[rem_search_results] shortcodes/search-results.php
[rem_carousel] shortcodes/carousel/carousel.php,shortcodes/carousel/nearby.php
[rem_maps] rem/shortcodes/map/map.php,shortcodes/map/nearby.php
[rem_agent_profile] shortcodes/agent-profile.php
[rem_my_profile] shortcodes/agent-profile.php
[rem_agent_edit] shortcodes/edit-agent.php
[rem_list_agents] shortcodes/agents.php
[rem_categories] shortcodes/categories.php
[rem_property] shortcodes/single-property.php
[rem_change_password] shortcodes/change-password.php
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