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Auto suggestions can help users find what they’re looking for more quickly and easily. As they type in their search query, they can select from a list of suggestions that appear, rather than having to type out their entire query. This can save time and effort, and make the search process more efficient.

Auto suggestions can help users narrow down their search and find the most relevant results. As they type, the suggestions will become more specific, helping them to zero in on the information they’re looking for. This can result in fewer irrelevant search results and a more satisfactory experience for the user.

Auto suggestions can also improve the search function by providing additional context and clarification. For example, if a user types in a vague or ambiguous query, the suggestions can help to clarify their intention and guide them towards more relevant results.

By making it easier for users to find what they’re looking for, auto suggestions can help to increase the conversion rate of a search function. If users are able to find what they need quickly and easily, they’re more likely to complete their desired action, whether it’s making a purchase or booking an appointment with the agent.

You can disable this feature as well.

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