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12.0 – 1 April 24

– Feature Added: Fotorama open gallery button added
– Feature Added: Compare listings enhanced
– Feature Added: Images upload field, custom grid cols
– Feature Added: WhatsApp chat icon added
– Bug Fixed: Image field last item is not removing
– Bug Fixed: PolyLang translation issues
– Notice: Security Issues fixed and nonces added

11.9 – 19 September 23

– Feature Added: Set custom sidebar for archive pages
– Feature Added: Clear button for compare selection
– Bug Fixed: Multi-select field null value is not saving
– Bug Fixed: Multi-select values display Array in listing boxes
– Bug Fixed: Update user meta, restrict data
– Bug Fixed: Admin filter listings by categories or tags
– Notice: POT file updated

11.8 – 13 July 23

– Feature Added: Maximum gallery videos option per listing
– Feature Added: Min Max Search form option for number fields
– Feature Added: Additional gallery images support in Elementor
– Feature Added: fields_to_hide attribute for search forms to add fields in the more filters area
– Feature Added: more_filters_features attribute for search forms to enable/disable features
– Feature Added: Route “all-properties” added to fetch the listings via REST API
– Bug Fixed: Undefined variable paged in list shortcode

11.7 – 4 May 23

– Feature Added: Validation for latitude and longitude values
– Bug Fixed: Grid Gallery popup issue
– Bug Fixed: Undefined variable posts in list shortcode
– Bug Fixed: Divi search page not displaying

11.6 – 4 April 23

– Feature Added: AJAX Pagination in property lists and search results
– Feature Added: Additional image galleries with popup
– Feature Added: Sliding thumbnails for the gallery slider
– Feature Added: Adaptive height option for slick slider
– Feature Added: Videos support in gallery sliders
– Feature Added: CO2 Energy Index added
– Feature Added: Shortcode added for rendering single field value [rem_property_field]
– Feature Added: Elementor widget for child listings
– Feature Added: Filter rem_email_subject
– Feature Added: Option to trim zeros for price
– Bug Fixed: Price format fatal error in PHP8
– Bug Fixed: View all images text is not translating
– Bug Fixed: Template override not working within Divi
– Bug Fixed: Button field label is not translating
– Bug Fixed: Multi-select field translation issues
– Bug Fixed: Grid Gallery not working with Elementor
– Notice: WP 6.2 Support
– Notice: POT Updated

11.5 – 14 January 23

– Feature Added: New field type added [Button Field]
– Feature Added: New style added for single listing page
– Feature Added: New style added for agent info card
– Feature Added: Categories option added in search forms
– Feature Added: “No Change” option added in bulk edit listings
– Bug Fixed: Featured column is not displaying values in the admin
– Bug Fixed: [rem_property] shortcode not working

11.4 – 23 December 22

– Bug Fixed: Number field slider min max not working
– Bug Fixed: Undefined variable $templates
– Bug Fixed: Unable to upload gallery images when Yoast SEO activated
– Bug Fixed: Elementor gallery images not rendering

11.3 – 20 December 22

– Feature Added: Child listings option for multi-purpose
– Feature Added: Get directions, button for the location
– Feature Added: New hooks were added to manage data on the single listings page
– Feature Added: Agent profile page enhancements
– Bug Fixed: Field Section titles are not translating
– Bug Fixed: Searching for specific property feature not working (exact match)
– Bug Fixed: No results text is not translating
– Notice: TinyMCE shortcode buttons removed
– POT Updated

11.2 – 24 August 22

– Bug Fixed: Fields title is not translating in Elementor
– Bug Fixed: Price field is not showing before and after text in Elementor
– Bug Fixed: Manage agents buttons are not working
– POT Updated

11.1 – 17 May 22

– Feature Added: Image lightbox added on Simple Slider
– Feature Added: Admin filtering by categories and tags
– Feature Added: roles attribute in the create property shortcode
– Bug Fixed: Grid popup not displaying the close button
– Bug Fixed: Divi CSS conflicts on archive pages
– Bug Fixed: Total listings in carousel nearby
– Bug Fixed: Agent cards style 3 and 5, phone button is not working
– Bug Fixed: Agent card style 5 translation issues
– POT Updated

11.0 – 25 April 22

– Feature Added: Support for the decimals in the number field
– Feature Added: New UI for activating purchase code
– Bug Fixed: Notice block_category is deprecated
– Bug Fixed: Divi contact module is not passing email data
– Bug Fixed: WPML is not translating field labels
– Bug Fixed: Agent picture not appearing with custom contact form
– Bug Fixed: Multi-range sliders not working
– Bug Fixed: Additional agent’s contact form is not displaying

10.9.1 – 26 March 22

– Bug Fixed: Search widget not displaying price ranges
– Bug Fixed: Gallery images are not removing

10.8.9 – 25 March 22

– Bug Fixed: Multi select field cause error on the frontend
– Bug Fixed: Elementor not working when Theme Builder is enabled

10.8.8 – 23 March 22

– Feature Added: Countries list added
– Feature Added: States list added
– Feature Added: Option to reset the listing sections
– Feature Added: Admin UI enhanced
– Feature Added: Multi-select field search logic settings
– Feature Added: ID specific search if field name has _id
– Feature Added: Custom labels for bedrooms, bathrooms dropdowns
– Feature Added: Search form style 4 added
– Feature Added: Custom price ranges based on rent/sell or other fields
– Feature Added: Agent contact form enhanced
– Bug Fixed: Accessibility of sections is not saving
– Bug Fixed: Undefined variable $cats when searching
– Bug Fixed: Custom contact form missing listing data
– Bug Fixed: Range sliders not correct in RTL mode
– Bug Fixed: Section names auto-capitalize
– Bug Fixed: Load more not working in AJAX search
– Notice: POT Updated

10.8.7 – 16 January 22

– Feature Added: Option to add fields in the admin quick edit, bulk edit, and columns
– Feature Added: Option to enable/disable specific user location
– Bug Fixed: raw data is displaying when editing a listing
– Bug Fixed: Agents location is not correct on the map
– Notice: POT Updated

10.8.6 – 7 January 22

– Feature Added: Agent Location on registration and profile
– Feature Added: Shortcode added to display multiple agents on a map
– Feature Added: Routes support for Android and iOS apps v11
– Feature Added: Hide Elementor field label when value is null
– Bug Fixed: Fatal Error in price column (admin list properties)

10.8.5 – 30 November 21

– Feature Added: Sidebar option for single listing shortcode
– Feature Added: Ability to override single listing shortcode template
– Feature Added: Filter Hook:rem_simple_search_args added
– Feature Added: Password protect properties
– Bug Fixed: Categories are not searchable
– Bug Fixed: Energy Efficiency fields are no longer displaying
– Bug Fixed: Listing data is not displaying on mobile apps
– Bug Fixed: Price formatting error on frontend
– Bug Fixed: Before and After price fields are visible

10.8.4 – 11 November 21

– Feature Added: Separate accessibility options for the field groups
– Feature Added: Manage property sections in a new UI
– Feature Added: Icons for the property sections
– Feature Added: Restrict access based on the sections/tabs
– Feature Added: Create basic pages automatically
– Feature Added: Option to choose Gallery Images Size
– Feature Added: Sort listings by price in the admin
– Feature Added: Filter Hook rem_property_section_title_icon added
– Feature Added: Filter Hook rem_single_property_sections added
– Feature Added: Filter Hook rem_is_tab_accessible_{tab_name} added
– Notice: Filter Hook rem_property_settings_tabs removed
– Bug Fixed: Price search criteria are reset after searching
– Bug Fixed: Search Widget displaying a notice in live preview mode

10.8.3 – 16 August 21

– Feature Added: images_size attribute in the list_categories shortcode
– Feature Added: images_height attribute in the list_categories shortcode
– Feature Added: masonry attribute in the list_categories shortcode
– Feature Added: Not operator added in the search query
– Feature Added: The agent page also displays listings set via an additional agent
– Bug Fixed: Google Map not working with nearest_properties enabled
– Bug Fixed: Google Map with single result default zoom not setting
– Bug Fixed: Agent edit page, translation-related issues
– Bug Fixed: Additional agents on property page warnings
– Bug Fixed: Property/Agent field titles adding slashes
– Notice: POT updated

10.8.2 – 7 June 21

– Feature Added: Limit number of properties agents can publish
– Feature Added: Separate settings for single-agent page
– Feature Added: Option added for choosing listing style on the agent page
– Feature Added: Option for International Phone Number Field
– Filter Added: rem_intl_tel_input_vars
– Bug Fixed: Style attribute is not working in Elementor for Listing
– Bug Fixed: Properties not displaying when using Polylang

10.8.1 – 2 May 21

– Feature Added: Single Property Page Simple Slider
– Feature Added: Single Property Page Grid Gallery
– Feature Added: AJAX based search widget added
– Feature Added: Price range dropdown added (pre to-from values)
– Feature Added: New Drag Drop Fields builder
– Action Added: rem_after_drag_drop_property_field
– Filter Added: rem_single_property_gallery_type
– Filter Added: rem_single_property_slick_attrs
– Filter Added: rem_single_property_grid_attrs
– Filter Added: rem_get_option_{option_name}
– Bug Fixed: Field’s accessibility is not working
– Bug Fixed: jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated
– Bug Fixed: WP_Scripts::localize was called incorrectly.
– Bug Fixed: Agent registration checkbox field is disabled for other areas
– Notice: POT updated

10.8.0 – 23 March 21

– Feature Added: Elementor Theme Builder Support
– Feature Added: Elementor Widgets
– Feature Added: Sticky agent contact
– Feature Added: Compatible with WordPress 5.7.*
– Feature Added: Category description added
– Feature Added: Tag description added
– Bug Fixed: WPML Emails not translating
– Bug Fixed: Map ignores city, country for location
– Bug Fixed: Thrive Architect breaks the search page.
– Bug Fixed: Image action icons not displaying on the admin

10.7.9 – 1 March 21

– Feature Added: Leaflet [rem_maps] now supports the address also
– Feature Added: Compatible with WPML 4.4.*
– Feature Added: Compatible with PolyLang 2.9.*
– Feature Added: Auto save lat/long by providing just address
– Notice: POT updated

10.7.8 – 1 December 20

– Feature Added: List properties by categories using the attribute cats
– Feature Added: Password change form added [rem_change_password]
– Feature Added: Auto login newly registered users
– Feature Added: Regular price [rem_regular_price] added for better sorting
– Bug Fixed: Attachments are not removing
– Bug Fixed: Basic colors issue with style 7
– Bug Fixed: Energy fields CSS issues
– Bug Fixed: Badges don’t appear when the height is fixed in listings
– Notice: POT updated

10.7.7 – 14 October 20

– Feature Added: Category option added with images
– Feature Added: Shortcode [rem_categories] to display categories
– Feature Added: Change tags archive slug
– Notice: Changed plugin update API
– Bug Fixed: Search form dropdown duplicate values
– Notice: POT updated

10.7.6 – 27 September 20

– Feature Added: Admin filtering fields can be customized from the settings
– Bug Fixed: Site crashes if memory limit is low
– Bug Fixed: Search Form 3 not working with Divi Theme
– Bug Fixed: Gallery Images won’t upload from the admin

10.7.5 – 25 September 20

– Feature Added: 2 new agent cards added (style 4 and 5)
– Feature Added: Search Template 2 and 3 added
– Feature Added: Filter added rem_energy_efficiency_classes
– Feature Added: Manage Properties also works for admins
– Feature Added: Filter Added rem_render_price_range_field
– Feature Added: Fixed height images option for style 1 & 2
– Feature Added: Attachments uploader enhanced
– Feature Added: 2 Dropdown styles added
– Feature Added: Agent page enhanced
– Feature Added: Register Agent: Image option added
– Feature Added: Registration Fields: allowed types and max file size added for agent picture
– Feature Added: Registration form enhanced
– Feature Added: Gallery Images uploader enhanced
– Feature Added: Gallery Images editor added
– Feature Added: Help tooltips added when creating/editing properties
– Feature Added: Supported for Landz Theme
– Feature Added: Exclude attribute added in the shortcodes to exclude ids
– Feature Added: Filter rem_search_properties_query_args added second parameter as search data
– Feature Added: Fixed fields now support multi-select in search forms
– Bug Fixed: Compare box overlapping/appearing before site load
– Bug Fixed: Leaflet map not displaying on create property frontend
– Bug Fixed: Tooltip conflicting
– Bug Fixed: Admin filtering not displaying new values
– Bug Fixed: Search form reset not working for range sliders
– Notice: Google Plus removed
– Notice: POT Updated

10.7.4 – 9 July 20

– Feature Added: Circle Radius option added for the location with custom kilometers
– Feature Added: Max and Min validations added for number fields
– Feature Added: Shortcode meta attribute is enhanced with exact match feature
– Feature Added: New filter rem_energy_efficiency_fields
– Feature Added: Manage properties page is enhanced with fast search and sorting
– Feature Added: Fixed fields option added in search widget
– Feature Added: Edit property shortcode new attribute added for custom waiting message
– Feature Added: Submission/Approval emails now supports basic shortcodes for property data
– Bug Fixed: Energy Efficiency fields duplicate
– Bug Fixed: Create property produces 2 copies of the same listing
– Bug Fixed: Agents are not receiving Property Approved Message
– Bug Fixed: 2 emails on property submission
– Bug Fixed: Image “uploaded to” not updating from frontend
– Bug Fixed: Images uploaded from frontend are not translatable with WPML
– Bug Fixed: Images uploaded via the android app are not attaching to that listing
– Bug Fixed: Section titles causing issues when special characters are used
– Bug Fixed: Conflict with Gutenberg and select2
– Notice: Function removed rem_check_deprecated_fields
– Notice: POT updated

10.7.3 – 19 June 20

– Feature Added: Template added for Uncode Theme
– Bug Fixed: Images are not adding when edit listing on the frontend
– Bug Fixed: “Maximum images” message is not translatable
– Bug Fixed: Nearest properties are not displaying on the map

10.7.2 – 6 June 20

– Feature Added: Boxed layout for sections on the single property page
– Feature Added: Custom colors option for badge and ribbons
– Feature Added: Custom JavaScript Code setting added
– Feature Added: Setting added for line breaks in the emails
– Feature Added: Template for Divi Theme added
– Feature Added: Template for Total Theme added
– Compatibility: Support added for Listing Styles 18,19 and 20
– Bug Fixed: Text not translatable “Successful” when creating a listing from frontend
– Bug Fixed: Text not translatable “Search for…” on my properties page
– Bug Fixed: My properties page “statuses” are not translatable
– Bug Fixed: Conflict with the advanced tab of Yoast SEO 14.2
– Bug Fixed: rem_single_property_field_columns_frontend not working for features as per documentation
– Bug Fixed: wishlist button not appearing in style 5

10.7.1 – 14 May 20

– Feature Added: Sort by custom fields in search results
– Feature Added: Compare box, scroll bar added
– Bug Fixed: Compare box CSS conflict with bootstrap tables
– Bug Fixed: Multiple agents don’t display correctly on the single property page
– Bug Fixed: My properties displays deleted lists also
– Bug Fixed: rem_single_property_field_columns_frontend not working for features
– Bug Fixed: Sidebar widgets bottom margin applied
– POT file updated

10.7.0 – 25 April 20

– Feature Added: Recent Properties widget added
– Feature Added: Property compare feature added
– Feature Added: Listings topbar enhanced
– Feature Added: Masonry layout added for search results
– Feature Added: Form fields UI enhanced
– Feature Added: Admin custom fields UI enhanced
– Feature Added: Filter added for sorting prefilled values rem_search_auto_options
– Feature Added: Style 1, Style 2 updated. (You can still use the old styles)
– Feature Added: Shortcode query args added with support of many custom options

10.6.9 – 16 April 20

– Feature Added: Load more button on search results
– Feature Added: Gallery Slider video support added
– Feature Added: Gallery images limit option added
– Feature Added: New filter added for single property page rem_single_property_field_value
– Feature Added: New actions added for search property page rem_search_property_before_fields
– Feature Added: New actions added for rendering fields in frontend/admin
– Feature Added: Required badge added with the required fields
– Feature Added: Full RTL support, fixed the alignment issues in several templates
– Feature Added: Type filtering overlay added for Google Maps
– Feature Added: Google Map supports custom map position and zoom level, using shortcode attr auto_center=disable
– Feature Added: Sorting options, custom fields support added
– Bug Fixed: Slider is not appearing for some themes
– Bug Fixed: Google map displays 2 markers on creating property
– Notice: Google Map tilt set to 0 on single property page
– Notice: 5 attributes from Maps shortcode related to type filtering colors are removed
– Notice: Tested with WordPress 5.4

10.6.8 – 11 March 20

– Feature Added: RTL CSS added.
– Feature Added: Featured Image Placeholder option for default listings image.
– Feature Added: New dummy data added
– Bug Fixed: Carousel not working in the RTL site.
– Bug Fixed: Extra widgets from the theme are being displayed under the slider.
– Bug Fixed: Searching not working for other languages by using PolyLang
– Bug Fixed: Default option name is not set in the select menu of search form
– Bug Fixed: Agent card social icons are not aligned properly
– Bug Fixed: Listing Style 4, color issues are fixed
– Bug Fixed: For some themes, gallery images slider keeps loading

10.6.7 – 9 January 20

– Feature Added: Agent contact form fields are reset when email is sent.
– Feature Added: Maintain email markup in the email contents.
– Feature Added: Option to disable the maps script if you want to load it from the theme.
– Feature Added: RTL mode added for carousels for RTL sites.
– Feature Added: Filter rem_property_publish_status added another argument (property_id)
– Feature Added: Android App API integrated
– Feature Added: Android App Released

10.6.6 – 30 November 19

– Feature Added: Attribute search_query added for rem_maps shortcode to display searched properties on the map when using it on the search results page.
– Feature Added: Search Form new hook added for buttons rem_search_form_after_buttons.
– Feature Added: REST API base URL added “properties”
– Feature Added: Keywords field on search form can also populate the auto-complete titles of properties.
– Feature Added: A filter added to change currency symbol on price range rem_price_range_currency_symbol
– Feature Added: A filter added to modify section title tag (h3) rem_property_section_title_wrap
– Feature Added: Inline Search Shortcode added (rem_search_property_inline)
– Feature Added: Price ran be set as range dividing by dash Eg: 2000-3000
– Feature Added: App endpoints are added for mobile app (Android App is coming soon)
– Bug Fixed: Multi dropdown field is not working properly for the search widget
– Bug Fixed: Multi dropdown field options disappear after saving
– Bug Fixed: Design conflict when using the number range slider
– Bug Fixed: Single property page gallery slider flashes before loading
– Bug Fixed: Gallery slider doesn’t respect the fit ratio after fullscreen

10.6.5 – 6 November 19

– Feature Added: Multi Select field added for Property Fields.
– Feature Added: Setting to check/uncheck the range slider checkbox.
– Bug Fixed: Email text sent via the Agent contact form is being escaped.

10.6.4 – 23 September 19

– Feature Added: A filter added to tweak the search results style (rem_search_results_box_style)
– Feature Added: A checkbox with custom label is added for the custom range slider to disable it
– Feature Added: “Display name as” field can be created in the agent fields using dataname “display_name”
– Bug Fixed: Emails from single property page are not working.
– Bug Fixed: Display name is not working as per settings on Agent Profile page.
– Info: Translations Updated

10.6.3 – 4 September 19

– Feature Added: Settings to format custom range sliders on the search page.
– Feature Added: Setting added to either send deleted properties to trash or permanently delete them.
– Feature Added: Enhanced listing style 6.
– Feature Added: Agent name is displayed as per the settings from “Display name as”
– Bug Fixed: Search form not displaying the results when custom range sliders enabled.
– Bug Fixed: Search form not displaying the results when a field is not set.
– Bug Fixed: Emails not working from property and agent pages.
– Bug Fixed: Custom range not working from the search widget
– POT updated

10.6.2 – 21 August 19

– Feature Added: Custom Property Base Page (Settings -> Template Settings -> Property Base Page)
– Bug Fixed: Additional agents contact form not working for the single property page.
– Bug Fixed: Custom range slider format on search page is not correct.
– Notice: POT file updated
– Notice: request_data function deprecated and removed

10.6.1 – 30 July 19

– Feature Added: WP Admin bar is removed for property agents
– Feature Added: Settings added for custom icon size and anchor point for leaflet maps
– Feature Added: iFrame option added for Cookieless videos on the property page
– Feature Added: Range slider on the search form for the number fields just like price range slider
– Feature Added: required_text attribute added for [rem_register_agent] shortcode for terms and conditions checkbox
– Bug Fixed: The7 Theme css conflicts with single property page are fixed
– Bug Fixed: Leaflet map not loading correctly on full-width page elements
– Bug Fixed: Leaflet map not loading correctly in the backend
– Bug Fixed: Map property overlay incorrect color scheme
– Bug Fixed: Map count circle incorrect color scheme for leaflet
– Bug Fixed: Search form widget doesn’t respect color scheme
– Bug Fixed: Prevent the access to links from TinyMCE editor for agents
– Bug Fixed: Create property form not respecting backend color settings
– Bug Fixed: Tags not appearing in the property edit screen
– Bug Fixed: Conditional fields bug: Fields not filling up with data
– Bug Fixed: Theme color not applying on price slide handles

10.6.0 – 20 July 19

– Feature Added: Added a required option for Select menu of agent registration field
– Feature Added: Gallery slider on single property page is SEO optimized (alt + title attributes added for images)
– Feature Added: REST API Support added for properties
– Feature Added: Search results page displays default content from child shortcode
– Bug Fixed: [rem_maps] not displaying the properties with the address when google maps are used
– Bug Fixed: Leaflet titles attribute strange text when special chars are being used
– Bug Fixed: Single property template not working for some themes
– Bug Fixed: Agent contact icons mobile conflict issue resolved
– Bug Fixed: Slash appears in the price slider when using 10’000 format
– Bug Fixed: Additional agents once checked can’t be unchecked

10.5.9 – 19 May 19

– Feature Added: Docs link added for all addons
– Feature Added: Custom heading for search results with count
– Feature Added: 360 Virtual Tour using 3rd parties
– Translation Added: Spanish Translation redefined (Thanks to Marcel)
– Translation Added: German Translation redefined (Thanks to Marcel)
– Bug Fixed: Links updated for free addons/extensions
– Bug Fixed: Searching properties with custom results selector gives error
– Bug Fixed: Switching back from the listing view to grid view the style=”NUMBER” is not respected
– Bug Fixed: form-control class conflicting with the themes
– Bug Fixed: Select options not working on agent registration/edit pages.
– Bug Fixed: Property fields not saving when value contains colons.
– Bug Fixed: Unable to swipe the page down on mobile devices when map is used

10.5.8 – 23 April 19

– Bug Fixed: Registration process stuck on loading

10.5.7 – 22 April 19

– Feature Added: Inline plugin updates and installation
– Feature Added: Energy Efficiency fields
– Feature Added: Multiple Agents for a single property
– Feature Added: scroll_results attribute for [rem_search_property] to disable auto scroll
– Feature Added: function added to get field value rem_get_field_value()
– Feature Added: A new filter added for price formatting rem_display_property_price
– Feature Added: A new filter added for email headers rem_email_headers
– Translation Added: Afrikaans (South Africa) Locale: af_ZA
– Bug Fixed: Property contents breaking when saving from frontend
– Bug Fixed: Map box not displaying data when nearest properties enabled
– Bug Fixed: Post status issue when approved by admin is selected
– Many other fixes and enhancements.

10.5.6 – 18 March 19

– 1 New Addon: Custom Colors
– Feature Added: Attachment Field in Property Fields
– Feature Added: Shortcode Field Added
– Feature Added: Divi Modules Added
– Feature Added: VC Addons updated
– Feature Added: Override shortcode templates from theme (putting them in theme’s root inside rem directory)
– Feature Added: Total number of Agents in rem_list_agents
– Feature Added: Option for agents to search their properties on my properties page
– Feature Added: Featured Property column in properties list on the dashboard
– Feature Added: Search fields in pre-filled available values
– Feature Added: Agents can change the property status from frontend (Publish or Draft)
– Feature Added: GDPR checkbox added in the contact form with custom text
– Feature Added: POT is updated and language files including in the plugin are also updated
– Bug Fixed: Max container width not applying is fixed
– Bug Fixed: Login redirect 404 issue
– Bug Fixed: Delete media button not appearing for agents
– Many other fixes and enhancements.

10.5.5 – 18 February 19

– 2 New Addons: WooEstato and Conditional Fields are released
– Feature Added: Google Captcha on login forms and setting to disable/enable it
– Feature Added: Edit property option added to change featured image.
– Feature Added: Chosen map style for leaflet is also applied to create/edit property forms
– Feature Added: Style attribute is added in rem_list_agents shortcode to modify the agent card style
– Feature Added: Google Map filtering allows you to filter custom fields also
– Feature Added: Remove associated gallery images from WP Media when deleting a property
– Feature Added: Settings to either display or hide not available properties in the search results
– Feature Added: Visual Composer settings are updated
– Feature Added: Custom fields builder better visuals (type to update title)
– Feature Added: Tags support in search forms by adding tags field in the search shortcode
– Feature Added: POT file is updated to cover new strings
– Feature Added: Map shortcode adds default styles for buttons
– Bug Fixed: Agent contact form not working from last update
– Bug Fixed: Font Awesome icons not appearing on some sites
– Bug Fixed: Edit property page bug fixed L.Control.geocoder is not a function
– Bug Fixed: Register agent page, password field didn’t match
– Bug Fixed: Property ID field not appearing in search form
– Bug Fixed: Hide sections when there are no fields when creating/editing properties
– Bug Fixed: jQuery bugs fixed for the latest jQuery version
– Many other fixes and special thanks to Crystal McNair for fixing a lot of Google Map related issues.

10.5.4 – 28 January 19

– Feature Added: Blocks added for Gutenberg (Login, Register and Simple Search) more are coming…
– Feature Added: Email address also added in Email Format options (Agent Contact Form)
– Feature Added: While searching, leaving min or max price fields blank will take minimum and maximum respectively.
– Feature Added: Fields that have area word in data name will display area unit with value automatically
– Feature Added: Fields that have price word in data name will display price unit with value automatically
– Feature Added: Hooks added in create and edit property forms for checkbox validations
– Feature Added: Property thumbnails are now clickable
– Bug Fixed: My properties page, properties are not deleting
– Bug Fixed: Map not working on single property using shortcode [rem_property]
– Many other fixes and updated POT file

10.5.3 – 17 December 18

– Feature Added: Blocks added for Gutenberg (Login, Register and Simple Search) more are coming…
– Feature Added: Email address also added in Email Format options (Agent Contact Form)
– Feature Added: While searching, leaving min or max price fields blank will take minimum and maximum respectively.
– Feature Added: Fields that have area word in data name will display area unit with value automatically
– Feature Added: Fields that have price word in data name will display price unit with value automatically
– Feature Added: Hooks added in create and edit property forms for checkbox validations
– Feature Added: Property thumbnails are now clickable
– Bug Fixed: My properties page, properties are not deleting
– Bug Fixed: Map not working on single property using shortcode [rem_property]
– Many other fixes and updated POT file

10.5.2 – 21 November 18

– Feature Added: Auto Approve agents is added, go to Settings -> Advanced Settings to configure
– Feature Added: Make property fields as required
– Feature Added: Wishlist Addon is released and link added
– Feature Added: Display agents random by using orderby=”rand” in the shortcode
– Feature Added: All dropdown fields have first value empty to disable them
– Feature Added: Date field format option is added under Single Property Page settings
– Feature Added: Property ID is added on singly property page, you can also disable it from settings
– Feature Added: Image Optimization, Now you can choose which sizes of images to use when displaying listings
– Feature Added: Display properties based on Features attached, using shortcode attribute features. Eg: features=”attic,balcony”
– Bug Fixed: Google Map fa icons not displaying
– Bug Fixed: React errors when editing page in WordPress 5 beta 4
– Bug Fixed: Settings tabs not working for other languages
– Bug Fixed: Pagination conflict with some themes
– Bug Fixed: Auto Complete not working when results page url is given
– Bug Fixed: Search form advanced features not displaying correctly
– Bug Fixed: Multi Lingual Issues
– Many other small fixes/enhancements

10.5.1 – 24 October 18

– Feature Added: orderby custom fields in [rem_list_properties] shortcode using attribute orderby_cutom
– Bug Fixed: Polylang search not working fixed
– Bug Fixed: Phone field is validating as email address is fixed

10.5.0 – 22 October 18

– Feature Added: Compatible and tested with WordPress 5.0-alpha-43776
– Feature Added: Support added for Polylang
– Feature Added: Phone field added in contact agent form
– Feature Added: Preview property before publishing
– Feature Added: I18n Ribbons
– Feature Added: Ribbon Style 2 Added
– Feature Added: Not Available properties will not display publicly
– Bug Fixed: WPML translation issues for property features
– Bug Fixed: Create property frontend image upload error with jQuery latest version
– Bug Fixed: Tabs with empty fields will not display on frontend
– Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.4.9 – 6 October 18

– Feature Added: Auto Complete for search fields
– Feature Added: Before Price Text option
– Feature Added: Hide passwords in admin as per GDPR
– Feature Added: Extensions reference added
– Bug Fixed: More Filters disappears on mobile devices
– Bug Fixed: Warnings on property publish
– Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.4.8 – 4 October 18

– Feature Added: Fotorama filter added to add your own attributes
– Feature Added: Section classes added for single property page.
– Bug Fixed: Email Notifications not working
– Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.4.7 – 30 August 18

– Feature Added: 21 Map styles for Leaflet
– Feature Added: Agent Contact Email Options
– Feature Added: Manage properties from frontend using shortcode [rem_manage_properties]
– Feature Added: Agent Card Style 3 Added
– Feature Added: Load map from address using Leaflet
– Bug Fixed: DropDown arrow not clickable
– Bug Fixed: Property title breaks in email

10.4.6 – 8 August 18

– Feature Added: Multiple Maps on Same Page
– Feature Added: Archive page options
– Feature Added: Croatian language added
– Feature Added: Use default author page for other users
– Bug Fixed: Top Bar not saving in VC
– Bug Fixed: Settings tabs not opening
– Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.4.5 – 26 July 18

– Feature Added: Gutenberg Blocks Added
– Feature Added: XSS Security issues resolved
– Feature Added: Agent Registration Fields Manager
– Feature Added: Custom message when no properties found
– Bug Fixed: Property Types is disabled
– Bug Fixed: Screen Options is disabled
– Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.4.4 – 3 July 18

– Feature Added: Font Awesome 5 Support Added
– Feature Added: WP Bakery Page Builder 5.4.5 Support Added
– Feature Added: Agent Card Style 2 Added
– Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.4.3 – 28 June 18

– Bug Fixed: Fixed a major issue from previous release that deletes mandatory fields.
– Feature Added: Polish Language Added

10.4.2 – 26 June 18

– Feature Added: Leaflet with OpenStreetMap Integrated (as Google Maps is no longer free)
– Feature Added: Arrange Create Property Fields from Custom Fields Builder
– Feature Added: Search by Property ID
– Feature Added: Custom Title for Property Archive
– Feature Added: Min and Max Fields for Property Price when Searching
– Feature Added: Responsive reCaptcha
– Feature Added: Date field added in Custom Fields
– Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.4.1 – 8 May 18

– Feature Added: Property Tags Widget
– Feature Added: Simple Search Form (shortcode [rem_simple_search])
– Feature Added: Top Bar for listings to sort and change layouts
– Feature Added: Logout button shortcode [rem_agent_logout]
– Feature Added: Create custom Property Page settings tabs
– Feature Added: Custom data to filter properties on map
– Bug Fixed: Single Property Page Map not working with only address

10.4.0 – 2nd May 18

– Feature Added: Create your own map styling using Google Map API
– Feature Added: Snazzy Maps support
– Feature Added: Upload Agent picture from frontend
– Feature Added: Display current logged in agent’s profile using shortcode [rem_my_profile]
– Feature Added: Gallery Slider controls including width/height and image fit.
– Feature Added: Search Properties by agents (dropdown of agent names in search form)
– Feature Added: Upload Attachments from frontend while creating properties
– Feature Added: Display logged in agent’s properties in property listing, carousel and map.
– Feature Added: Sort Searched properties by price, name, date etc
– Feature Added: Change filter dropdown columns in AJAX search form
– Feature Added: Use custom data on property listing boxes
– Bug Fixed: Agent Picture cut off for some screen sizes
– Bug Fixed: Agent can’t upload media from frontend
– Bug Fixed: Property delete and edit icons not appearing
– Bug Fixed: Many other small fixes and improvements

10.3.8 – 20 February 18

– Feature Added: Masonry option for property listings
– Feature Added: Disable contact form on agent pages
– Feature Added: Display agent specific listings
– Feature Added: Filter options in property listings in admin
– Feature Added: WP Bakery Page Builder elements updated
– Bug Fixed: Many other small fixes and improvements

10.3.9 – 22 March 18

– Feature Added: Agents Listing
– Feature Added: Ribbon options for sold, sale, rented properties
– Feature Added: Sort search results
– Feature Added: List properties with multiple metas
– Feature Added: Agent specific search
– Feature Added: Featured Properties
– Languages Added: Bulgarian and Spanish (Maxico)
– Bug Fixed: Last Gallery image not deleting
– Bug Fixed: Single property page no margins on mobile

10.3.8 – 20 February 18

– Feature Added: Masonry option for property listings
– Feature Added: Disable contact form on agent pages
– Feature Added: Display agent specific listings
– Feature Added: Filter options in property listings in admin
– Feature Added: WP Bakery Page Builder elements updated
– Bug Fixed: Many other small fixes and improvements

10.3.7 – 16 February 18

– Feature Added: Listing Style 7
– Feature Added: Customize Sale Ribbon
– Feature Added: Disable option for widgets
– Bug Fixed: Custom dropdown when creating new property not appearing
– Bug Fixed: Gallery slider support with mobile devices
– Bug Fixed: Some hooks added upon customization requests

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